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First Indian company to cater Android and PC based games for Indian Language Grammar

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Dazzle Word

Dazzle word is an Android game made for Indian language grammar (part of speech) for Hindi, Gujarati and Nepali . Additionally English game is FREE. Upcoming languages to be added are Bengali and Tamil.



POSTag is a Part Of Speech Tagging software for Nepali language. For the given Nepali sentence, annotated part of speech tagged sentence is the output of the software.



ParseME is another Android and PC based game for parsing sentences in Nepali language. It helps in understanding formation of sentences and dependency structure of words in a fun way.

About Gladiolus Language Nectar

Gladiolus Language Nectar is the first Indian company to cater Android and PC based games for the grammar of Indian languages.  

Apart from the grammar based games, Gladiolus Language Nectar also provides natural language resources like POS Tagging, Parsing, etc. which will be the base for machine translation or other computational linguistic applications. 

Currently Language Nectar is focusing on three Indian Languages viz. Nepali, Gujrati and Hindi.

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