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About Dazzle Word

Dazzle word is an Android game made for Indian language grammar (part of speech) for Hindi, Gujarati and Nepali . Additionally English game is FREE. Upcoming languages to be added are Bengali and Tamil.
The game is developed to enrich the grammar knowledge of not only native language but also other 22 major Indian languages recognized by Government of India. The first version of the game accommodates 3 Indian languages viz. Hindi, Gujarati and Nepali To cater the concepts of various part of grammar in distinct languages through fun and hence to cultivate the interest in the youth of India towards Indian language grammar is the motive of the company. 

What Our Fantastic Users Say

Wow it's a wonderful game for school children to learn the grammar of Indian languages Nepali, Hindi etc along with English in just Rs. 50 . I think it is the first game on Indian language grammar 

shohan sharma
(Google Play Store Review)

It is a wonderful app to learn grammar of Indian language like Hindi, Nepali and Gujarati along with English. 

Asiis Pradhan
(Google Play Store Review)

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